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Follow the path to the perfect store with QuartzSales

Point of Sale / Retail Execution:

  • Routing and Visits: Optimize your sales team's routes and facilitate efficient tracking of store visits.
  • Forms and Information Capture: Register and collect relevant field data such as stock outs, share-of-shelf, prices, and displays.
  • Planograms: Design and manage planograms to optimize product placement in stores and enhance brand visibility.

Communication and Sales Team Management:

  • Updates: Keep your sales team informed about important company, product, or promotion updates.
  • Goals and Incentives: Set clear goals for your sales teams and provide incentives to motivate exceptional performance.
  • Training: Deliver effective training and provide ongoing updates to enhance the skills and knowledge of your sales team.
  • Licenses and Replacements: Manage sales team licenses and permissions, and efficiently assign replacements to ensure work continuity.
  • Private Social Network (Instagram-style): Facilitate internal communication and strengthen community and collaboration through a private social network designed specifically for your sales team.
  • Gamification: Implementation of learning strategies that incorporate game elements, such as trivia, contests, and playful activities, with the aim of fostering participation and learning.
  • Work Materials, Clothing, and Safety Equipment: Manage requests for various items from each team member using a tracking and approval workflow.
  • Support Information Management: Establish and maintain an up-to-date repository that contains relevant information, such as regulations, processes, and support documentation, to ensure that the work team has efficient access to current information.

Centralized Information:

  • Integration of Masters with Other Systems: Sync and centralize master data with other systems, ensuring consistency and real-time updates.
  • Sellout and Customer Stock: Access up-to-date data on sales and stock across different store chains.
  • Manual and Automatic Importers for Third-Party Information: Enable efficient and accurate import of third-party information, either manually or automatically.
  • Integration with BI Platforms: Connect with Business Intelligence (BI) platforms to leverage collected data and generate advanced reports and analysis.

POS 360 - Comprehensive Store Information:

  • Indicators: Access key indicators such as on-shelf availability (OSA), share-of-shelf (SoS), operational efficiency, product assortment, launches, prices, sales, and more.
  • Team Work: Visualize and manage information about your team, including contact details, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Portfolio, Efficient Assortment, and Must-Haves: Analyze and optimize your product portfolio, ensuring an efficient assortment and highlighting must-have products for each store.
  • Notes: Record and access important notes related to each store, such as improvement suggestions, recurring issues, and more.
  • Expirations: Track product expirations and prevent stock loss due to expired products.
  • Sales and Product Stock: Visualize and analyze sales and product stock at each store.
  • Virtual Store Visits through Images: Obtain a virtual view of stores through images, enabling visual inspection without physical visits.
  • POP Materials Control: Traceability of light and heavy materials. Automatic control of heavy materials through Beacons.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Predictive Analysis of Sales and Stock Information for Intelligent Task Generation: Utilize predictive analysis algorithms to anticipate business needs, generating intelligent tasks that maximize efficiency and productivity.
  • Image Recognition for Products, Shelves, and Prices: Harness image recognition technology to streamline the information capture process, enabling instant form submission for on-shelf availability (OSA), prices, and planograms.

Order Management:

  • Integration with ERPs (SAP Business One): It involves connecting and synchronizing external software systems with the ERP system such as SAP Business One. This provides benefits such as inventory management optimization, automation of purchasing and sales processes, generation of accurate financial reports, and improved visibility and control over business processes. Additionally, it allows for greater efficiency by eliminating the need to manually enter information into multiple systems and reduces errors through automated data synchronization.
  • Integration with Distributors/Wholesalers: It entails connecting systems and processes between a company and its business partners that act as intermediaries in the supply chain. This integration enables efficient collaboration and exchange of key information such as purchase orders, inventory, prices, and shipping data between the company and its distributors or wholesalers.
  • Integration with Drugstores: It involves connecting and synchronizing software systems between a pharmaceutical company or a chain of pharmacies and the drugstores that supply pharmaceutical products. Drugstores serve as intermediaries between drug manufacturers and retail pharmacies, playing a crucial role in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Success Stories


Since 2017 we have started a path together with the goal of achieving excellence in the execution of Unilever's points of sale and in the management of tasks of its commercial team, increasing both productivity and revenue.


Abbott significantly increased their productivity by managing their operations in 8 countries through QuartzSales, which provides them with the possibility of having features such as offline access, guided execution of POS, integration with local wholesalers for requesting orders and much more.

Denver Farma

By implementing QuartzSales, Denver Farma expanded its possibilities by obtaining a mobile application with offline access, integration with SAP, inventory control information and user profiles, arrival / departure records and more.

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What do Our Clients think?

We needed a tool that could centralize various satellite developments, be integrated into existing processes and adapt to projected changes. Working with QuartzSales we achieve all the stated objectives and more.

Francisco Tallarico | Unilever

Productivity and innovation are two words that perfectly define QuartzSales. Its flexibility when integrated with different tools and customization capacity according to the needs of the industry make it a unique and essential platform for us.

Federico Nievas Blanco | Abbott

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